New Small-Business Incubator Opens in Harlem

(Jeff Mays/DNA Info)

(Jeff Mays/DNA Info)

Although we have overcome the rescission, unemployment rates in the U.S. still remain high. The lack of job security has pushed many people to develop businesses of their own. A new city-funded project based in Harlem is providing small business owners with office space to fulfill their entrepreneurial goals.

Harlem Garage, a community space created specifically for start-ups, small-businesses, freelancers, and non profits, opened its doors last week and has already become a hot spot for techies. The open space features communal tables, space for meetings, free WiFi and complimentary coffee. Entrepreneurs are charged $300 per month for rent and $15 for a day pass.

Harlem Garage has begun attracting business owners from other boroughs. “All my friends are like, ‘Why leave Brooklyn? It’s where it’s at,’” entrepreneur David Pitta told the Daily News. “I am looking for the next thing, and that’s Silicon Harlem.” In the near future Harlem will also be getting Harlem Biospace, a bio-tech incubator that will also house start-ups. The city granted $250,000 for the development of Harlem Garage and $625,000 to the Harlem Biospace project.

Just a week after launching, Harlem Garage has already filled up half of the spaces. The project has inspired the city to create similar outlets in different boroughs. Jamaica, Queens is next up to get its own small-business incubator.

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